Premium garments, made sustainably

We are The Strong Humans Club which means we want to make premium quality garments in the most ethical and sustainable way we can. That said we are always striving to improve in every aspect of what we do but for now we are very proud of the standards we meet.

From the factories our garments are manufactured in to them arriving through your door we do our very best to ensure the whole process is as planet and people friendly as possible.


Fair Wear Foundations

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)  

All of our garments except for just two of them are made using organic cotton. Going organic not only reduces the impact that toxic pesticides have on the workers and the soil on which the crops are grown but organic cotton also uses significantly less water during the growing cycle.

Global Recycled Standard

Every bit of polyester that is used in our garments is 100% recycled. We even have a selection of garments that are made entirely of recycled cotton and polyester blends.

The Global Recycled Standard is intended to meet the need of companies looking to verify the recycled content of their products (both finished and intermediate products) and to verify responsible social, environmental, and chemical practices in the production of these products.


Many of our garments are made with 100% organic cotton and with 90% reduced CO2. This has been achieved by a combination of low-impact organic farming, efficiency in manufacturing and transportation as well as the use of renewable energy instead of the fossil fuel-based grid electricity.

Our packaging    

100% Recycled & Recyclable

The tissue paper your garments are wrapped in, the stickers that hold the paper together and the mailer your new swag arrives in are all made from 100% recycled material and are 100% recyclable. You won’t find unnecessary plastic tags on ANY of our garments.